Organisation & OrgUsers

Organisation & OrgUsers

  • Organisation menu in Super admin panel is the list of organization or sub-domain you or your customer has set up in your system.
  • OrgUsers is the list of the relation between "user" and "organization" in your System. More detail below.

Whenever any user creates or setup or builds their own support-desk, it goes to Organisation menu.

The user associated with the organization and his/her role is stored in OrgUsers.

There are 4 roles available for each of your customer in their support desk -

  1. Admin:-   
    - Can add/edit/delete any FAQ/KB/Support Ticket.
    - Can add/edit/banned any member in his organization.
    - Can edit his Organisation.
  2. Moderator
    - Can add/edit any FAQ / KB / Support ticket.
  3. Normal user
    - Can add Support Ticket or Enquiry
  4. Banned User
    - This user is banned in your organization.

How to Setup Organisation from Admin panel?

Note: It is highly advisable to create your own new sub-domain support desk using the "Front-End" option where your customer or client can create, it's easy and fast.

If in case, you want to set up your own organization from the admin panel, please follow below steps -

  1. Add New Organisation from Organisation Menu and Provider 'User ID' of a user to make him super admin of that organization.
  2. Now, Go to OrgUser menu, and click on Add.
  3. Provide same 'UserID' again, with Newly created 'Organisation ID', that you can view and copy from organization menu.
  4. Select status as "admin"
  5. Submit

And you are done! 

In case, you are facing any difficulty, Contact us here - and we will help you out. 

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