Sub-domain Configuration

To configure sub-domain, Please follow below steps -

1. Login to your cpanel or your hosting.

2. Create wildcard subdomain with file-manager pointing towards "parent domain"

For an e.g, if your site "" has document root at "/home/", than you are required to create subdomain with below information

Hostname - "*" <- asterisk

Document root - "/home/"

When done, It should auto-create "DNS" value with below information

Hostname - "*"
Value - ""

If wild-card DNS has not been created, you will have to create them manually using your DNS editor.

If you have any question regarding setup or finding problem setting up - Please contact us here = "" and our support will be there to help you through it.

Please note: "wildcard DNS" is required to run the script. Please use suitable hosting, yet it's available in almost all server, but it's your responsibility to check the availability. If not, please use hosting from reputed source like -

1. Godaddy

2. Bluehost

3. Hostgator

4. DigitalOcean

and others.

Thank you

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